A Convention Center was booked for the event. This Convention center in Bangalore was chosen by the Heads of top 10 hospitals to host the gathering of medical experts, healthcare professionals, researchers, pharma company representatives, foreign delegates, government officials, patients and all the stalwarts of the healthcare sector. A special event of around 3000 people…

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A rough and treacherous terrain ahead for healthcare professionals in the coming years —A glimpse into the future through an EGM discussion

The executive management of RANCHO Hospital organized an EGM (Extraordinary General Meeting) quite in haste. The RANCHO GROUP has a chain of 25 hospitals all over India. This one in East Delhi hurriedly organized the meeting. In any hospital, the focus of the hospital administration and management is to assure that facilities run efficiently and…

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Clinical Evidence based or Totally Data driven-Future of Healthcare

One fine morning, Mr. X a 60 plus gentleman complained of numbness and tingling in his left arm. Everyone in the household got worried for him. The family members got worried that this numbness might be a transient ischemic attack or a mini-stroke. Mr. X was rushed to the nearest multi-specialty hospital. A neurologist saw…

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